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Our Curtains

Curtain Express offers a well-assorted range of high-quality curtains and accessories. Lots of curtain styles and fabrics are on display in our showroom, so customers can touch, feel and see before they buy.

Our Service

Knowledgeable staff are on-hand to advise you on what to get. We want you to never be out of your depth

Ask us anything, for example:

  • How many curtains do I need?
  • Can I put up two sets of curtains on one window – one sheer and one blockout?
  • Which rails are best?
  • What colour rods would suit my chosen curtains?
  • What fabric complements my decor?
  • How do I pair curtains with other window furnishings?

Stay In The Loop

We regularly run time-limited sales, promotions and special offers, so check back soon.

Bring fresh style and colour to your home with Curtain Express.

Visit our sister companies, Blinds Express and Curtain Library, at the same premises for even more interior decorating inspiration.